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Welcome to the Jersey Sports Lottery

Some 30,000 of us participate in a sporting activity whether it be going to the gym, playing football, enjoying shooting on a Sunday morning or running with the Hash Harriers. But sports struggle for funds, struggle for facilities and struggle to pay for the enormous cost of travel and accommodation. Sports need support to stay vibrant and alive!

So the Jersey Sports Lottery was born! Help bring funding to the teams and clubs in Jersey that need it the most. Tickets cost £150 each and the winner will be drawn on the 18th May 2018.

2nd Prize


1st Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize: £5,000

5th Prize: £4,000

6th Prize: £3,000

7th Prize: £2,000

8th Prize: £1,000


Who benefits?

A whole range of sports teams in Jersey! By selling all 5,000 tickets we will not only be paying out £300,000 in prize money but we will be able return £90 of each ticket sale to a sporting association or club in Jersey.

Where to buy your ticket

Tickets will be on sale through various retail outlets in Jersey or perhaps you will discover your office is displaying application forms in the reception or coffee area or your local bank branch could be doing the same. Currently tickets are available from: Jersey Rugby Club | Jersey Pearl Shops: St Helier, St Ouen, Gorey & Airport | Dunells Beaumont as well as from all of the below clubs.

How to enter

If you want to buy your ticket to benefit your preferred sport please contact them from the list below for an application form and post it to Jersey Reds at “Jersey Rugby Football Club, Rue des Landes, St Peter JE3 7BG”

Remember to keep the top half of your Application Form, which has your unique Form No. on the back and only submit the bottom half with your cheque.

If you would prefer we also have an online option to pay for your Lottery Ticket. Follow the instructions above but instead of submitting a cheque make a

BACS payment to:-
Bank: Santander
Name of Account: Jersey Sports Lottery

Sort Code: 09-02-22
Account Number: 10636611

Don’t forget to complete your Name and Form No. in the BACS reference box.

Shortly thereafter you will receive your ticket in the post. Hopefully you will wish to buy two or more tickets in which case to receive a ticket you need to complete separate Forms

Importantly if you want to make sure that your favourite sport is the one that benefits from your ticket purchase then phone the contact number from the list of Sporting Bodies to buy your ticket through them. If their name isn't listed then encourage them to join the programme!

How to form a syndicate

You may want to form a Syndicate in which case we recommend that you complete a form similar to this download.

Local teams we’ll be supporting

Jersey Reds

Jersey FA

Jersey Hockey Association

Jersey Netball Association


Linda Andrews

Jersey Cricket Board

Jersey Athletics Association

Jersey Pétanque Association

Skydive Jersey

Jersey Special Gymnastics

Jersey Race Club


Hugh Raymond

Jersey Badminton Association

CI Surfing Federation

Archers of Jersey

Jersey Table Tennis Association


Tyler Gosselin

Jersey Pony Club


Debbie Cawley

Jersey Riding Club

Jersey Motorcycle & Light Car Club

Les Ormes Golf Club


Peter Hopley


Jersey Smallbore Shooting Association


Richard Bouchard

Jersey Outdoor Smallbore Rifle Club


Richard Bouchard

Jersey Squash & Racketball Club

Eastern Air Rifle Club

Jersey Gymnastics Club

Jersey Crossfit

Jersey Rifle Association


Andrew Le Cheminant

Water Polo


Richard Sellors

British Show Jumping Association

Daniel Kennedy Professional Boxer

Jersey Touch Association

Jersey Billiards & Snooker Association


Alastair Simon

Jersey Ten Pin Bowling Association

Jersey Canoe Club


John Richardson